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Designer Country, an outsourcing graphic design studio,situated in a developing country, Bangladesh where the manpower is easier than this of developed country. Beacuse of an easier manpower we are able to provide design service in your expected quality for an affordable rate.We must ensure you the security of images with a good confidence asif the the price is not high.Besides a big discount must be given to you for bulk images.our rates are perfect for us and so they prove our reliability. Our editing quality is proficent and impressive that always makes us interest to acquire an expected price from our clients. We believe in making the dream of our clients fulfill. We present us for our client's satisfication in their expected way. So we always believe in our service price is always just and fair on the market place of the graphic design world.

Clipping Path $0.39 £0.30 €0.35
Color correction $1.5 £1.16 €1.33
Image Masking $1.50 £1.16 €1.33
Photo retouching $1.65 £1.28 €1.47
Reflection Shadow $0.55 £0.42 €0.49
Image manipulation $1.45 £1.12 €1.29
Drop shadow $0.49 £0.38 €0.43
Vector Design $4.25 £3.38 €4.45


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