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Designer country, an image editing studio, would like to serve you with clipping path, image masking, drop shadow and reflection shadow, color correction, image manipulation, vector design services.

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Photoshop clipping path

Photoshop clipping path, known as deep etch, is used to create outline around Read more

Remove background from picture

Removing background, we know and belief is mandatory but for this purpose the Read more

Image drop shadow

Tidal effect forming of a painting component, looks like the image drop shado Read more

Reflection Shadow

In the organization of Image Shadowing, Reflection shadow makes a comparable Read more

Image masking

Image maskin gwont to take away the background of pictures having hair parts Read more

Adobe Photoshop photo manipulation

Photo manipulation in Photoshop embroils alerting a photograph exercising var Read more

Digital Retouching

Professional retouching services brings life to the photograph by supporting Read more

Professional color correction

Resolve color correction a method of using color gels, is applied in photogra Read more

E-commerce images

Image optimization is the ideal solution of E-commerce image when it is time Read more


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Welcome To Designer Country

Designer country (DC), an expert image editing studio, works round the clock to ensure best service for our clients. Here a group of quality based experienced designers from Graphic Design Arts Institute is always ready to produce perfect and elevated hand made Photoshop path, drop shadow, Photo masking, retouching with other Photoshop based services,

Welcome to Designer Country

Designer Country, a visual computerization specialist co-op organization, is Bangladesh construct outsourcing organization depending with respect to a gathering of master and experienced originator. This group might want to serve our customers warmly in their normal approach to give the customers best administration for securing their purification. We generally commit our brain and time to serve our customers. So we trust our organization established with exceptional materials and planners.
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Taking care of people s requests is an undertaking of the greatest significance for us. Try not to feel awkward to demonstrate this designer country all caught imperfects. Now and then even little plays can transform into huge issue that make the entire picture upsetting and without a doubt dreadful. Post handling administrations for picture takers that get included in present day altering can raise the allure of a representation by making center around the shot subjects or making profound shading rectification. Different engaging correcting styles can be picked in this awesome organization. We without a doubt offer you to choose HDR enhancing, master excitement picture improving and certainly other altering styles. Having done this you will without a doubt have a splendid probability to outline warm minutes. Different states of mind and grins of your child, school and get-together pictures, corporate representations from various festival, mold likeness, marriage pictures or couple pictures, each sort of shots is valuable to the point, that modifying them as though they were genuine fortunes is required.

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Your Benefits

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Weekly Payment

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