Frequently asked questions

Obviously! Here to pay us in monthly way for photo editing service, you need to contact with our billing department and so you may not need to pay for clipping editing project every time. And it is needed to pay us for our different photo editing project at the end of month.

Yes! We have a big discount in editing for all time.

Our photo editing service delivery time always follow your expectation as its open hour 24/7. What a big amount of your photos that needed to be editing? Always our turnaround time is from 1 hour to your expected turnaround time.

Your images are in 100% security in our photo editing studio. The professional editor in our house is always under an agreement not to disclosure besides we all are in a technology security system that is operated in the entire PC.

Think you have the idea that file transferring with the internet is time consuming task. And for this,we use We Up loader, Web File Manager, Dropbox, FTP to receive and transfer our project.

Here we are always interest to use Visa, Master Card, American Express as well as PayPal to receive payment from our clients.

Here you can send the images in all formats you like.

Cordially depending on your expectation to image file format, we are ready to use all format including JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF or PDF.

We say " of course" here you may receive service for monthly plan based & also pay us for monthly system.

Of course you may use but here you have to make a payment to us as service charge.

Can’t find answer to your question? Our friendly dedicated team is always ready to help.