Designer Country - Photoshop Outsourcing specialist

About Designer Country

Outsourcing Photoshop clipping path expert and design specialist - Designer Country basically has started its activities about 12 years ago in Dhaka based design but gradually its activities gets spread and now working with about 350+ clients from different European countries. The main common aspect and belief of its business policy basically dependent on the words below -The more we satisfy our clients, the more rapidly we take us worldwide with our activities. Here we have 150+ designer educated from Graphic Art Institute dedicate their whole contribution to support our clients. They all must first get to themselves primarily in a internee course in our studio for six months then selected them to do job in our studio farm. So here they get a good official training on design besides clients satisfaction.

Our Purpose
Basically in most of the developing countries like us, A class of educated manpower do not get their prospected job with smart salary and for this reason they get remained unemployed. Designer Country takes them under the control of our basic social team and bring a free training course for six months to them. Then the designer who can make them standard to satisfy the clients we think, cordially invite to join our designer team. Basically our purpose is to remove the unemployment people from our country as we can by giving our clients good support with Photoshop clipping path, Photoshop image masking, color correction, Photoshop retouching, Background removal, Company Logo design, Ghost mannequin, Graphic design and other design activities.

The highlights We provide you

* Photoshop clipping path / Background cut out

* Image background removal/ Background selection

* Hair Selection masking

* Old Photo restoration

* Photoshop color correction / Image Color adjustment

* Logo design

* Image correction

* Photoshop photo retouching

* Image manipulation / Ghost mannequin

* Other graphic design services

Service Duration
We are basically in a dedicated way to service you so the total team is divided into 3 parts to serve you 24 hours with 7 days. our activities have no stoppage so here you confirm ensure your expected quality over day and night with a prospected payment system. We depend on your expected time if you may want to process 400 images in 3 hours from us, we cordially invite you to check our Photo editing outsourcing quality. We also request you to relax when you drop us a big project.

Experienced team to deliver clipping path to remove background service

Photoshop, Illustrator and others programmed solution including Clipping mask, photo background removal, clip out background, Photo retouch, Old photo restoration, color adjustment as photo editing has been becoming mandatory for professional photographer, online product suppliers, product retailers and others. So Our team has a great intention from about 13 years to take their task as professionally not for commercial. Using a proper experienced manpower with their expected salary DC has made its productive photo editing team for the client satisfacti